John Michael Miltenberger was a teen-aged boy who, sadly died during a Novato Babe Ruth baseball game the summer following his promotion from Junior High School.

He was an athlete, a hard-working student, and someone who was not often acknowledged for his talents, strength and kindness. Following his death, John was remembered by his friends, teachers and coaches as a quiet team player, a loyal friend, and a brave

The John Michael Miltenberger Sportsmanship award is given to a Babe Ruth player who consistently perseveres in the face of adversity and always strives to be his best. The player receiving the award is one who is generally well behaved and may be overlooked due to his gentle nature. The recipient of this award is a player who is considered to be a humble role model, as well as a forgiving and lasting friend. He is one who rises above challenges and expectations and acts with integrity.